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Finally completed woo-hoo!! I suggest watching this in a dark lit room with sound :D The first slate translates to: Friendship is magic, Chapter 25, Party of One. :troll: Interesting thing to note is that the word Magic in Kanji can be directly translated as demonic arts(魔法). So....Friendship is demonic? :D

The pink haired white pony near the end is young Celestia, I set it as though she sacrificed her immortality to "help" Twilight as does the anime with Hanyu. I decided to do this crossover after seeing Cupcakes as both deal with torture and death. There are also a couple more similarities I found between Higurashi no naku koro ni and MLP which also made me do this crossover are:

1. both having seemingly cute and adorable style at first glance, but something awesome and mind-blowing that doesn't conform to the initial style lies underneath.

2. the duo personalities some of the characters displays.

3. Twilight and Rika both have purple hued hair and possess some sort of time/ dimension traveling magic and a long-time friend to a Goddess.

4. Pinkie and Rena have extremely excitable personality but snaps at a moment's notice if pushed to the edge.

5. Fluttershy and Shion are quiet and meek normally but turns into a yandere in situations.

6. AppleJack and Mion are tomboyish in nature but still has a feminine side. Tsundere~

7. Rainbow Dash and Keiichi, well, they are the victim in the anime and Cupcakes :D

8. Rarity and Satoko due to their ever so slightly haughty personality. (I think their laughter match each other.)

I hope that you like my animation and do subscribe and share to support! . . . Spike is forever alone.

  • Edit* So...the Japanese website for MLP:FiM is up. They call it マイリトルポニー ~トモダチは魔法~ Which literally translates to My Little Pony: Friends are magic. It will be broadcasted in Tokyo on April the 4th 7:30am JST, with its own opening. It begins.

Software used: Adobe Flash CS5, Adobe After Effects CS5, Adobe Photoshop.

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